• "Did you know we have successfully treated over 4500 feet" Lance Penn - Clinical Director

ModPod Nail Laser Clinic was the first clinic in Australia to use cold laser technology to treat fungal toenail infections. We are the preferred fungal nail clinic in Sydney.

Over the last 6 years we have evolved the process to include detail assessment of patient's medical history, addressing the PH balance of the nail and skin and post treatment care program to reduce re-infection.

  • Blue Laser acts directly and specifically upon the fungus causing changes in its walls which weakens it significantly.
  • Red Laser acts on your body’s natural immune cells fortifying them, thus making them more active to destroy the weakened fungus.
  • Your body’s immune system is activated to attack and destroy the fungus.

Here's why cold laser treatment is clearly the best option for you.

"Very friendly, professional staff using the latest technology. Being treated by Lance, who is a top bloke and super knowledgeable."

Eduardo - Google Review

"I had a very positive experience. I saw Colin who is very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend."

Louise - Google Review

"Great podiatrist who really took care of my issues. Very friendly and accomodating reception staff. Would highly recommend this clinic."

Cherie - Google Review

Don't delay your treatment.

Delaying treatment for fungal toenail infection, could cause the affected toe to separate from the nail bed and have a deformed appearance. Your crumbly and thickened toenail can become difficult to trim and wearing covered shoes can become painfully uncomfortable.

Left untreated, the infection can even spread to other toenails and cause other problems like a tinea skin infection between your toes, which makes the infection harder to treat.